Saturday, January 09, 2010

I LOVE YOU farewell

Soon will start my real advertising experience, once I will get on the plain to Kazakhstan. That's right - January 14th in the early morning I am leaving for my internship in creative agency Leo Burnett, for a whole year.
But today I was having the most wonderful evening with my friends in "I Love You" (stylish bar in Old Riga with lots of DJ pictures on the walls, Open Mike (which was not today) and one of the tastiest beers in Latvia "Valmiermui┼żas", and positive attitude towards mobile payments, ie., you can buy a beer just by sending sms;

It was so great to see couple of my oldest (and/or) most greatest friends I have not seen for some time, to talk about changes in our lives and to receive amazingly precious farewells..  and I felt a bit sad for not seeing them all for a year. But separations are the best way to get the feeling how great are reunions, right? If we put it that way, it is not so hard to face new challenges in life. 
So as my next posts most probably will be about how cool is advertising and life in general in Kazakhstan (found already some visuals below; more here ). 

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hahaha + $$$$$$$ tips for the New year


Minimum worries and more inspirations from fun stuff will be mine determination for the next year! What's yours?

Tiger-strong, adventurous and fuzzy New year 2010 for everyone! Eva

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Microsoft's Ipod

Today I discovered one hilarious video on how Microsoft would organize advertising of Ipod. See for yourself - it actually does resemble tech-giants style :)